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A Step Towards Self Reliant India

Who We Are?

IDYM FOUNDATION Performs Workshop on Satellites Lectures on space Functions as Hub of professionals, IITians and Educators. Empowers the young minds to unmask and uncover the latent potentials. Enhances the power of imagination and prepare them ready to serve the country for achieving the goal Self Reliant India Inculcates the positive attitude and resilience Ignited the dreams of young minds for a happy and fulfilling life. Igniting Dreams Of Young Minds Foundation is a platform to promote space and satellite education for every young mind that is for the entire student community from any School and College all around the WORLD.
Igniting Dreams Of Young Minds Foundation is currently connecting all such space experts with every young mind, and it is on track to cover all the states as early as possible with future aim to build a Space School in India.

Unique Team

With the emerging world, team for a mission needs to be better but we are unique with our expertise. Many IITians, IT experts and science evolver are we.

Unique Syllabus

Igniting Dreams Of Young Minds In Space Education Across The Whole WORLD and we having syllabus that no one is pursuing. We're trying to achieve peak for satellite study.

Global Certification

We're providing training and workshop for satellite study and many more are there like drone technology and rocket science. Our certification is globally valuable.

Our Collaborations

We've collaboration with many news channels along with many NGOs working in the field of science & Technology and
with organisations dealing with any social aspects...

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